Bank Profile

Laxmi Urban Co-Op Bank Ltd, Latur

Registration No. And Date: LTR/BNK/OB/149/97
Date: 10/01/1997

R.B.I. License No. UDB MAHARASHTRA 1421 P
Date: 18/06/1997

Laxmi Urban Co-Op Bank Ltd, Latur was established, under the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 and commenced operation on 15th August, 1974 upon receipt of license from the Reserve Bank of lndia.

Transparent operations, personalised services and professional administration, coupled with social commitment have been the hallmark of the Bank, which has shown steady growth over the past four decades and is presently one of the leading Co-operative Banks in Maharashtra based on business mix. The Bank was conferred with the coveted Scheduled status from the start

The Bank has a shareholders ,depositors and borrowers which clearly demonstrates the reach of the Bank and the trust of the general public.

Our key profile features:

  1. Professional Board and Pragmatic decision making
  2. Consistent profit and growth
  3. Equilibrium in Growth and profits
  4. Balanced Credit Portfolio & focus on Retail /SME Segment
  5. Strong Focus on Recovery and NPA Management
  6. For receiving money from overseas in just 10 minutes through ‘Money Gram’
  7. Anywhere Any Branch Banking facility in all Branches
  8. Value Added services for Customers