Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking platform that will enable customers to manage their own accounts with incredible ease from wherever they have mobile connectivity. The product will give customers greater ease of use and a higher degree of convenience through an intuitive and design rich interface.

The fund transfer facility offered through mobile banking is provided through the National Financial Switch (NFS) network of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). This fund transfer facility comes under Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) of NPCI. IMPS facilitate customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their bank accounts and navigate interbank fund transfers in a secured manner with immediate confirmation features. It offers an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones.

Laxmi Urban Bank  facility will be offered free of cost to our customers.

IMPS – Mobile Banking Services will include the following :

1. Banking Services a. Saving/Current/CC accounts
b. Loan Account
2. Fund Transfer Facility a. Self Fund Transfer (Customers Linked account within Laxmi Urban Bank Branch)
b. Intra Bank Fund Transfer (Transfer Fund to other bank Laxmi Urban Bank Account)
c. Inter Bank Fund Transfer (Transfer Fund through IMPS to other Bank Account)
d. Manage Beneficiaries
i. Add Intra Bank Beneficiaries
ii. Add IMPS Beneficiaries
iii. View/Delete Beneficiaries
e. IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) Fund Transfer
vi. IMPS Fund Transfer to Mobile Number (P2P – Person to Person through Mobile Number)
vii. IMPS Fund Transfer to Account Number (P2A – Person to Account through Account Number)
3. Balance Enquiry (List 10 Transaction)
4. Mini Statement
5. Linking of Multiple Accounts
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