Features of Bank

  1. Up to Rs. 100000/- deposits are insured.
  2. Schemes and attractive interest rates.
  3. Safe deposit lockers facility in all branches.
  4. Financial assistance daily needs requirements of members and local resident.
  5. Financial assistance to traders and entrepreneurs for business development.
  6. Easy installment based loan available for collaterals like gold and vehicle.
  7. Advanced computer technology for accurate services.
  8. The bank which is dedicated to welfare of members and custmers.
  9. Constantlly rise in deposits, net profit and working capital of the bank.
  10. The bank with vision and aspirational.
  11. The bank which is continuously progressing on the path of development.
  12. The bank which fulfils its corporate socail responsibility by engaging in various progects/activities.
  13. The bank which gives quick and individual services.
  14. Core banking services.
  15. Smooth rtgs, neft, facility to custmers.
  16. Facility for payment of income tax , vat tax, sales tax etc.