Founder Member Desk

Shri. Shrikishanji Ramkishanji Agrawal

(Founder Chairman)

Mr. Shrikishanji Agrawal he is a famous business man in market yard Latur. He observes that many banks are not sanction loan to market yard small traders. He decide open bank and give loan to these small traders. He started bank in 1996 in Latur. As a founder Chairman of this bank, he has put in his sincere efforts towards the excellent progress over a span of one decade. Shri. Shrikishanji Agrawal’s accuracy, honesty & transparent tri-formula working style.

He was working 10 years as Chairman from 1996 to 2006. During his Chairmanship, he contributed immensely for the growth of bank. Through his untiring efforts and constant encouragement, Laxmi-urban co op Bank has become one of the largest Scheduled Co-op. Bank in Maharashtra State. In accelerating the pace of bank’s growth and development, he is the moving spirit and fountain of inspiration.

During his term as Chairman, he made strident/strenuous efforts for the expansion and development of the Bank. He earned name among customer and member. A number of novel banking services initiated by him helped Bank to win the trust of the people. The credit of present phenomenal progress goes to his vigil on the activities of Bank and his guidance at every juncture.

His faith on sneha, soukhya, saffalya yanche pratik mhanje Laxmi-urban Bank

In his own words, while functioning as a President of the Bank “I do never think of differentiate caste, creed or religion while disbursing loan, if I am confirm that money will must be returned back, then & then only loans are disbursed and, regarding introducing any of scheme. I do design those by giving priority to the betterment of all of communities”.